Honda NSR 250 R MC 21 PGM 3 90 91 92 93

  • $287.00
  • Save $123.00

  • Guarantee fitment for
  • Pre-drilled holes for easier installation
  • We accept any custom paint job.
  • TUV approved
  • Just $50USD only to make it primed with white base painted.
  • Products Details:

  • Flexible, Durable and lightweight ABS plastic can protect both the machinery and the rider from debris and gusts of wind
  • Injection molded fairing by KUMHO(Korea reputed plastic manufacturer) ABS plastic around 2.4-2.7mm varied from parts
  • Guarantee fit and easy fit as OEM fairing
  • Improved strength and higher temperature tolerance
  • Over 10 years experience in producing high quality racing fairing paint job
  • Custom design and paint job accepted, you design, we make it out. We help thousands of customers to personalize their bike. Free of charge to personalize your own name* or logo*

  • FAQ ****Please read before your purchase! ***

    Q1: Are your plastics painted in black/ white color as shown in the pictures?
    A1: The pictures are just for reference. These items can be formed in either black or white unpainted ABS plastics depending to the current stock.

    Q2: Why some scratches are found on the item? is that an used piece?
    A2: All of our products are brand new items. Because the ABS plastic is soft in its raw form, scratches on the item are normal phenomenon. Also, it is easily made light scratches even during packaging and long distance delivery. This is normal and will never affect the functionality and safety of the item.

    Q3: What are the differences between raw and painted fairing? Which one I should get?
    A3: Raw fairing -- it is unpainted so you have to either get it painted from a local workshop, or DIY as you like (priming-> sanding-> painting-> clear coating). Unpainted fairing sample: Sample 1, Sample 2, Sample 3, Sample 4
    Painted fairing -- it is painted with the requested color and finished by clear coating. You can make your very unique or team fairing by adding your customer design decals or stickers on it followed by 2-3 layers of clear coat if needed. ***We welcome custom design. Please message us for more details.