About us

Our Company

EZ-Moto.com is an online retailer of excellent quality motor bike after-market fairing, clothing and accessories for all major brands. We offer reasonable prices on our products including those newest ones. Our goal is to become a place where enthusiasts can find what they need.


Our Commitment

We consider our customers the anchor of our company. That is why every employee in EZ-Moto.com has committed to provide customer service with the highest quality in all the ways we could to meet your needs. We commit to provide response to our customers' orders swiftly in order to ship the merchandises promptly. EZ-Moto.com also provides merchandise return service. We treasure the relationships that we build with our customers, and we look forward to keeping ongoing ones with them. We believe that our commitment to serve our customers together with our knowledge can equip us to satisfy our customers' expectations.


Our Product

EZ-Moto.com is experienced in motor bike parts, clothing and accessories. EZ-Moto.com are expert in motor bike fairing. We work with manufacturers to provide fast and quality services around the world. Our fleet product line is ABS and PVC fairing boards with custom paint job. Currently we deliver 1000 unpainted fairings in month basis. Our ABS and PVC fairing boards are the best in the market. We have fairing boards for all major brands and all popular models: from Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki to Yamaha. We produces fairing boards for sports motorcycle, dirt motorcycle, race motorcycle or any tailor-made bikes.


Our Price

With hundreds products in a single convenient, easy-to-use site, you're sure to find everything you're looking for. At the same time, we offer great low price to our customers. You will have a hard time finding a price lower than ours on the Internet from our list of qualified competitors. Through our strong relationship with the worlds' leading manufacturers, EZ-Moto.com gives you direct access to the latest and greatest product available around the globe.


Our Paint Workshop

Our paint job division can paint 300 customized fairings per month. EZ-Moto.com can customize any kinds of fairing paint job and we strive to improve the quality of paint job to satisfy YOUR need.


Special Offers

There's always something great going on at EZ-Moto.com. So visit our site everyday and act quick, otherwise you may miss out on a great deal!